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USPS Service Standards and Intelligent Mail Barcode

9:30AM - 11:30AM, August 19, 2008
Moody Bible Institute
Sweeting Building 860 N. Wells Chicago, IL 60610

Learn how the New USPS Service Standards will effect you and your mail. Then get going with classes for beginners and advance users of the Intelligent Mail Barcode.

Class 1 basic IMB

Steps to Create the Intelligent Mail Barcode
Step-by-step instructions on how to use the Intelligent Mail barcode. Learn about the key components and what is needed to consider before creating the barcode.

Resource Guides
Background information and learn about the challenges and advantages of using Intelligent Mail barcode.

Intelligent Mail Barcode Specification
Learn about the data content to be encoded, encoding rules to produce bars from data fields, physical dimensions of printed barcodes, and physical limitations on printing.

Mailer ID Guidelines
Learn how the Mailer ID can be used within the family of Intelligent Mail barcodes to identify Mail Owners and/or Mailing Agents. Guidelines for assigning Mailer IDs and efines Mailer IDs as 6 or 9 digits fields assigned by the USPS to each Mail Owner and/or Mailing Agent based upon the selected service and mail volume of the mailer

Class 2, Advanced

OneCode ACS
How the process works, the features available, and mailer requirements to receive electronic address corrections using the Intelligent Mail barcode. ACS application and fulfillment access forms.

OneCode Confirm
Learn about the Intelligent Mail barcode format for OneCode Confirm by reviewing the Confirm Service Featuring OneCode Confirm User Guide .

Information regarding Multiline Accuracy Support System (MASS) certification.

Map of 860 N Wells
Chicago, IL 60610

Free Parking will be in Lot C, which is at the SE corner of N Wells St and Walton St (enter off Walton)

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