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1. How can I contact my local Postal Customer Council?

The address for the Chicago Postal Customer Council is PCC, P.O. Box 7737, Chicago, IL 60680-7737. To locate other PCCs, visit the national PCC web site at: www.national.pcc.usps.com www.national.pcc.usps.com

2. Who can I call for accurate postal information?

You may call the Business Service Network at 312-983-8440 and a customer service representative will answer your question(s) or refer you to the appropriate department..

3. Where can I deposit my bulk mailings?

You may deposit bulk mailing(s) at the Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU), 433 W. Polk St., (2 blocks East of Canal St.) - dock doors 1-5 and 93-98.

4. Who can assist me with designing my mailpiece to ensure it meets postal specs?

The Mailpiece Design Analyst (MDA) can assist you with the design and automation compatibility requirements, call MDA Support Center at 855-593-6093 or email www.mda@usps.gov.

5. How can I find a ZIP code?

Yes, you may log on to www.usps.com for rates, ZIP codes, direct mail assistance and other postal related information.

6. Does the US Postal Service have a website?

yes, you may log on to www.usps.com

for rates, zip codes, direct mail assistance and other postal related information.

7. What resources does the USPS have for small businesses?

You can contact the Business Development Specialists Kim Ewing, kim.v.ewing@usps.gov at 312-983-8408 or Greg Gonzales, greg.b.gonzales@usps.gov at 312-983-8328, both are located at 433 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL 60607. They can conduct onsite consultations at your business. Their schedule is Monday- Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

8. How do I qualify for discounted mail rates?

If you meet the volume requirements a person or company can qualify for discounted mail rates. You must have specified quantities and do some additional work i.e. (presorting by ZIP code) so that your mail is easier for the postal service to handle and using Intelligent Mail Barcodes for letters, flats and packages. Contact the Chicago Business Mail Entry Unit at 312-983-8455 and inquire about the Full-Service option.

9. What do I need to consider when I want to mail?

Things to consider when you use the USPS are: speed - i.e., delivery expectation, cost, shape & weight of the mailpiece, extra services i.e., insurance, delivery or signature confirmation and destination of the article.

10. I am considering mailing at discounted rates. Where do I begin and what is the process?

You begin by visiting your local Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) or local associate post office to discuss your plans and needs. The BMEU offers information and training for new mailers. If preparing your mail with a workshare program according to postal standards is not your cup of tea, (it can be labor intensive), then you may consider using a Mail Service Provider.

11. Why do I need to periodically check my address list I use for mailing?

You can achieve better results and avoid wasting postage on undeliverable mailpieces.

12. How can I check the accuracy of my address list?

The USPS offers ways to check your list or you may use a Mail Service Provider for list maintenance.

Checking list accuracy through the postal service:

Address list correction service; you can submit a printout of your address list to the USPS and any changes will be marked. There is a fee for this service, which is available through your Address Management Systems Office.

Checking list accuracy through a Mail Service Provider:

Cass-certified software, this service will take your computerized list and run it through special software that standardizes the addresses, corrects the zip codes and any spelling mistakes and adds the zip + 4 codes.

National Change of Address (NCOA), a licensed vendor will run your mailing list through special software that updates addresses for your customers who have filed a change of address with the USPS. You clean up your list before you mail.

13. Does the postal service sell address lists?

No, the postal service does not sell address lists.

14. If I purchase an address list, will I receive correct addresses?

Not all purchased or rented lists have addresses that are correct, checked, updated or certified. To make sure you are receiving a list with accurate addresses, ask your vendor about the list's National Deliverability Index (NDI), which rates the percentage of addresses in that list that are deliverable. The NDI rating allows you to compare the quality of addresses from several lists and to choose the one that has the highest accuracy rating. Keep in mind - your address list is only as good as your last upgrade.

15. What is online mailing services?

The postal service offers several online services that combine the speed of the internet with the effectiveness of traditional mail. Online services allow you to select or design a mailpiece and enter addresses or upload an address list. Your mailpieces are printed, prepared and delivered in as few as one or two days. For more information or to get started, go to www.usps.com/mailingonline


16. How do I obtain Nonprofit Rates?

oOrganizations apply for authorization to mail at Nonprofit Marketing Mail Rates by submitting PS Form 3624, "Application to Mail at Nonprofit Marketing Mail Rates" at the post office where the organization intends to mail. For information about Nonprofit Rate eligibility, see publication 417, Nonprofit Marketing Mail Eligibility online at http://pe.usps.com

or pick up a copy at your local post office.

17. What is a Mail Service Provider?

A Mail Service Provider is a vendor that specializes in creating and preparing mail i.e. Presort bureau, letter shops, address list vendors, printers and publishers and parcel consolidators. A list of some of these companies are located in customer outreach committee tab in this PCC web page.

18. Where do I go for information on Periodical mailing?

Your local Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) will be able to assist you.

19. Is there a comprehensive guide or booklet that can answer most of my mailing and postal questions?

Yes, there are currently two booklets available. One is the Domestic Mail Manual 100, "A Customer's Guide to Mailing", the other is DMM 200, "A Guide to Mailing for Businesses and Organizations". These booklets may be obtained at your local BMEU or associate post office. .





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