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Informed Visibility: Better Insight on Your Mailing’s Performance

Informed Visibility: Better Insight on Your Mailing’s Performance

The USPS launched Informed Visibility (IV) last year to better track mail that is in its system to provide better real-time reporting data. This program will review how this powerful program works and how you can take advantage of the information to improve your mailings.  Benefits of Informed Delivery include near real-time notification of when mail will be delivered, identify mail trends that allow for better planning of mailing campaigns, improved Flat-size mail processing information. In addition, for business reply mail, there is improved notifications of when the return mail enters the mailstream.  Please join us for this informative program on utilizing this powerful tool.


Enterprise Payment System (EPS): Getting Started & Signed Up

Enterprise Payment System (EPS) is the new payment platform of the USPS. The new EPS system at the USPS provides enhanced security features, centralized balance, account management, and self-service customer experience.  Staff will be on hand to assist in setting up your new EPS account. Please print your CRID, Business Customer Gateway Log in and Photo ID.  EPS replaces CAPS, which will no longer be used by mid-2019. 

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Event Name: Informed Visibility: Better Insight on Your Mailing’s Performance
Show Event Date: March 21, 2019
Individual Registration Rate: 18.00
Show Total Registrator: 2
Start Date: January 22, 2019
End Date: March 21, 2019
Address: 433 W Harrison St., Chicago, IL 60699
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