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If using the United States Mail is basic to the success and growth of your business, but if you aren’t attending every meeting of the Chicago Postal Customer Council, you could be missing valuable opportunities.

Being an active PCC member gives you more time to network with local Postal Managers and business mailers. It’s a way to meet face-to-face in a friendly, informal setting, to discuss mailing issues, get help on solving your mailing needs, and learn ways to get the most out of postal products and services.


It’s an invaluable source of information and contacts to help you take better advantage of mail. Our mission is to:

  • Foster and maintain a close working relationship between business mailers and the USPS.
  • Share information about new and existing USPS products, programs, regulations, and procedures.
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas among business mailers and Postal Service officials.
  • Help members and their organizations grow and develop through educational programs.
  • Promote cooperation and support between members and others who are dedicated to quality and efficiency in the mailing industry.


  • Direct link with Postal Managers: You’ll have more opportunities to talk directly with Postal Managers in a friendly, informal setting during local PCC events and general PCC meetings.
  • Direct link with other mailers: There’s no better place than your next PCC function to get to know people in your own industry in your own local area. The more active you are as a member, the more people you’ll meet--including potential new business customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • Education: By regularly attending PCC functions, such as seminars and roundtables, you’ll have more opportunities to improve each of your mail programs to meet your business goals, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.
  • What’s new at the USPS? You’ll be among the first to learn about changes in Postal Service regulations, rates and a variety of other developments, such as new USPS packaging services and online services.
  • Area-wide meetings: You’ll be invited to attend joint special events and meetings between PCC’s in our area. It’s a chance to broaden your community of business contacts and increase your knowledge.
  • Equipment exhibitions: Vendors are often invited to exhibit at PCC functions. Never miss a chance to examine the latest mailing, printing, and software products and services on the market.

Questions? Call 312-983-8444  ♦  Email  ♦  Mail to: CPCC PO BOX 7737 CHICAGO IL 60680

Thank you for joining the Chicago Postal Customer Council.

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The PCC is a postal-sponsored organization. The mission of the PCC Program is to:

  • Promote local cooperation and support and to foster a close working relationship between the U.S. Postal Service and all businesses that use the mail to communicate and interact with their customers;
  • Share information and facilitate the exchange of ideas about new and existing Postal Service products, programs, services, and procedures that affect all businesses that use the mail; and
  • Help PCC industry members and their organizations grow and develop professionally through focused educational programs.